We are asking for your help! No donation is too small or too big!

There are four ways to donate:

  1. PayPal (all major credit cards accepted).
  2. Check or Money Order from any US bank.
  3. Recurring contribution using any US bank.
  4. Bank Wire Transfer.

About your contribution

Donating through PayPal is as easy as clicking     and following simple instructions. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. Please list all the Donors in the Message field (on the PayPal site) as you want them to be listed on our Donors page. Please note that approximately 3 percent of your transaction PayPal will charge as a processing fee.

Check or Money Order

This is one of our preferred way of donations, since we are not paying any transaction fees. Please note that we cannot accept foreign bank checks. Please read descriptions of our charitable program activities and then make your check payable to “RememberUs.org” and mail it to:

P.O. Box 920542
Needham, MA 02492

Recurring contribution

Please become a sustainable partner and help us to support Drobitsky Yar continuously.
Most personal checking accounts have an “Online Bill Payment” feature where your bank will print out a check and mail it for you at no extra cost.  There is no transaction fee for us as well, so it is also one of the preferred donation methods.  All you have to do is to fill out an online form requesting check to be payable to “RememberUs.org” and mailed to:

P.O. Box 920542
Needham, MA 02492

Bank Wire Transfer
You may decide to send us your donation via a wire transfer. For large donations this maybe a better approach. We accept international and domestic wire transfers. Please donate@RememberUs.org for wire transfer details.