We are working on this project in the pursuit of two goals:

– To educate future generations about the everlasting effects of genocide.
– To commemorate genocide victims.

We aim to spread the story of the Drobitsky Yar – a horrific place of mass torture and execution in the past.

Our educational activities include

  • Helping digitize archive materials related to the Shoah.  We will set up infrastructure to publicize all newly discovered and recently declassified information.
  • Educating in the United States and Ukraine through exhibitions, free public lectures, and conferences at schools and universities. We will work with schools and university to teach young generations about genocide, acceptance beliefs and traditions, tolerance, and the value of human live.
  • Supporting research related to the extermination of the Jewish population of Kharkov during the period of Nazi occupation.
  • Translating materials into English and other languages.

We will help the Drobitsky Yar Memorial in:

  • Identifying all burial sites. Due to a lack of funding, burial sites are identified with only small temporary looking signs. Boundaries of these sites are not clearly defined. As it stands, the public is generally unaware of the bodies that lay below.
  • Planting metasequoia trees to identify the biggest mass grave.  Metasequoia trees are fast growing survivors with a  millennium life expectancy- they have the ability to endure through fires and intense weathering. Planting metasequoias above the Jewish mass grave has a symbolic significance.
  • Other expected improvements to the memorial include upgrading the entrance to the memorial, planting native trees, and helping maintain the Room of Tragedy.