Working to commemorate innocent lives lost- one Yar at a time

We have two goals:

— To Educate future generations about the everlasting effects of genocide
— To Memorialize genocide victims by maintaining, aiding, restoring and supporting underfunded genocide/Shoah organizations


Our educational projects include:

  • Helping digitize archive materials related to the Shoah. In the future, we will devise infrastructure to publicize all newly discovered and recently declassified information.
  • Educating in the United States and Ukraine via exhibitions, free public lectures, and conferences at schools and universities. We work with schools and universities to teach students about genocide, acceptance of other beliefs and traditions, and the value of human life.
  • Supporting research related to the extermination of the Jewish population of Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe during the period of Nazi occupation.
  • Translating materials into English and other languages.


Our commemoration projects include:

  • Identifying burial sites.
  • Constructing Memorial parks and planting trees.
  • Creating commemorative plaques and signs.
  • Assisting with renovation projects.
  • Supporting day-to-day maintenance operations.

Our flagship project is the Drobytsky Yar Memorial. We seek to spread the story of Drobytsky Yar – the unknown site of horrific mass torture and execution.