Year 2018

Our Inspiring Speakers Series organized two great events: “79 Years after Kristallnight” – February 5 at Babson College and on February 6th at the Center Makor in Brookline.

Year 2017

 On December 9th, as part of the Inspirational Speaker series, invited Ruta Vanagaite, a Lithuanian public figure, theater critic, writer, and journalist. Ruta Vanagaite is the author of “Nashi” (“Наши”), the best-selling book which recounts the horrific tragedy that occurred in Lithuania 76 years ago.  This event took place at Good Shepherd Christian Fellowship in Needham, MA.

veterans On November 11, to honor the memories of veterans,’s youngest volunteers hosted the event “Holocaust through the eyes of teenagers” at the Adult Day Health Center in Boston.

  On October 1st, to mark the 76th anniversary of the Babiy Yar Tragedy and in the memory of Yevgeny Yevtushenko, a memorial meeting and a concert were held at the Center Makor in Brookline, Mass.

   On September 7, to commemorate the thousands killed in the Holocaust in Fastov, Ukraine, organized a meeting and planted metasequoia tree at the killing site MovieImage

  On September 3, in Kiev, Ukraine, organized and sponsored a meeting with Ruta Vanagaite, a Lithuanian public figure, theater critic, writer, and journalist. The author of the best-selling book “Nashi”, was welcomed by a full auditorium at the Sholom Aleichem Museum. Meeting with Ruta was followed by the commemoration gathering at the genocide memorial at Babi Yar, where 100-150 thousand people were murdered.

  Two events in one Day! On April 24th, the Holocaust Remembrance Day, partnered with Centor Makor in Brookline  and Wellesley College in Wellesley for a viewing and discussion of a documentary: “Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War”. 

  In early April 2017, in Babi Yar, Kyiv, Ukraine, planted twelve meta sequoias near the monument of murdered children. You can watch a short video here: MovieImage

 Remembrance event, on April 6th to commemorate thousands killed, seventy five years ago, near Piryatin, Poltavs’ka oblast, Ukraine. Over 300 people, including many students attended this event. Buses came from Kiev, Mirgorod, Piryatin, Konotop, Cherkassy, Lubny and Grebenka. You can watch a short video here: MovieImage

  March 19 – the fourth annual fundraising event featuring the story of American Holocaust heroes Martha and Waistill Sharp, who belonged to the Unitarian Society of Wellesley, Mass. Kudos to our seven youngest interns who spoke passionately about our work!

Year 2016

veterans On November 11, the Veterans Day, to honor and thank all who served, and all those who fought evil,’s internship team hosted an event titled “Holocaust through the eyes of teenagers”. This event was held at a senior center in Allston, Massachusetts.

wellesley-collegeOn October 17th, at the Wellesley College, our Inspirational Speakers Series presented the Nobel Prize Winner, professor from Cornell University, Roald Hoffmann. Over a hundred people attended and many stayed long after the end to asked questions. Pizza was great! All active Q&A participants received T-Shirts, or pens and bookmarks.

roald-hoffmann  On October 16th, our Inspirational Speakers Series presented Roald Hoffmann, a Nobel Prize Winner and a Holocaust survivor from Ukraine. This  memorable and inspiring event was hosted by the Dance Fever Studio in Newton, Mass.  Over sixty people attended and were able to ask questions and buy professor Hoffmann’s books with his personal autographs.

August 2016 trip From August 11 till August 21 a group of volunteers from the US and from Kharkov’s Hillel traveled through six regions of Ukraine on an exciting, educational and research bus-tour. We traveled Ukraine’s back-roads, visited former Jewish shtetls, churches and synagogues, cultural and historical landmarks and little-known killing sites. MovieImage We met dozens of interested people, visited two school museums that we are helping to create and visited several Holocaust memorials that supports.

CampRSM   On July 16th 2016, our Social Media Team hosted a serious night event at the overnight RSM Camp at Sunapee, NH. Topic for the evening was the Righteous Among the Nations. Individual presentations by our interns were followed by Q&A secession and discussions.
Needham High  On March 21, RememberUs hosted great educational event at the Needham, Mass High-School. More than 140 students, teaches and staff attended the event. An author Liesel Appel, born into prominent Nazis Family, spoke about Nazi war crimes, shared her life story and spoke about tolerance and mutual respect. RememberUs interns talked about Shoah and showed a short documentary prepared by RememberUs Social Media Team. Click here to see photos from this event.

Lieseal Appel  On March 20th, at the Dance Fever Studio in Newton, Mass, RememberUs hosted our 3rd annual “Triumph of Life” event. More than eighty people came to support RememberUs and to listen to a keynote speaker, author Liesel Appel. After the break people stayed to enjoy English, Russian and Yiddish songs performed by Michael Prochorov, Jean Furman and Clark Rubinshtein. To see many photos from this event click here. You can also watch and listen Liesel’s story  MovieImage

DY Logo  International Holocaust Remembrance Day event on January 27, 2016 was held at the Drobitsky Yar Holocaust Memorial in Kharkov, Ukraine, sponsored by RememberUs. Through the whole day buses full of students from Kharkov’s schools and colleges were coming to the Memorial. Volunteers from Kharkov’s Hillel were helping as tour guides. You can view more pictures here and watch a short movie MovieImage

Newton South High   At Newton South High School, on January 6th, 2015, the RememberUs Social Media team presented: “Shoah in Ukraine – Untold Stories”. You can view more pictures of the event here.

Year 2015

Yad Vashem  On Octover 18th – 20th, sponsored a trip for the Drobitsky Yar research team to participate in the conference at Yad Vashem Museum on the subject of Holocaust research and state of archives in the FSU. You can view more about this conference here.

Lubny  On October 16, 2015 sponsored a meeting requiem in Lubny, Ukraine. On that day, in Lubny, in 1941, almost 3,000 people were killed simply because they were Jews. Several hundred people attended the event on a sunny fall afternoon on the outskirts of Lubny. Buses brought kids from local schools, local media and city officials were also on site. Mayor of Lubny made a passionate speech. Eight meta-sequoias were brought from Kharkov’s Botanical Garden and planted at the killing site.  A short movie by Lubny TV Station is here   MovieImage

Kharkov  On September 10, 2015 Julia Korsunsky, Executive Director of, was speaking at the well-known “Ochag”, a high-school in Kharkov, Ukraine. Director of the Drobitsky Yar Memorial, Ferentseva Irina, also attended this event. Several high-school grades attended the history class about the tragic events of 1941-1942.

KremenchugGerb   On September 8, 2015 Julia Korsunsky, Executive Director of, was a keynote speaker at the Holocaust awareness event organized at the Higher Vocational College in Kremenchug, Ukraine. Over 200 people attended this event. To watch the short movie created for this event, click the image  MovieImage

CampRSM   On July 17th 2015, hosted a serious night event at the overnight RSM Camp at Sunapee, NH. Event was a great success with over 100 teens and adults participated. After an hour presentation about the unknown Shoah events and a short movie, there was great Q&A session and a discussion lead by Social Media Team. To watch the short movie about this event, click the image MovieImage

TempleSharon   An Educational Event “Ukraine’s Shoah: the Untold Story”, at the Temple Israel in Sharon, Massachusetts. To watch the short movie created for this event, click the image MovieImage

Seal of Needham   Second Annual Fundraising Event in Needham, Massachusetts. To watch the short movie created for this event, click the image MovieImage

DrobitskyYarSmallLogo   International Holocaust Remembrance Day at the Drobitsky Yar, Kharkov, Ukraine. This event was solely sponsored by and occurred at the memorial for the first time ever. Event was attended by over 300 people – among them were Kharkov’s Rabbi, Counselor from the State of Israel, vice-mayor, dignitaries, local and regional media. To watch the short movie about the Remembrance Day event, click the image MovieImage

Year 2014

DrobitskyYarSmallLogo   Igor Korsunsky, from was a guest speaker at the Annual Commemoration Ceremony dedicated to the short-lived Jewish Ghetto of Kharkov. The event was attended by the city officials, Kharkov’s Rabbi, local media and a member of Ukraine’s Parliament. To watch the short movie about this event, click the image MovieImage

TheaterOntheRoof   Presentation at a Theater on the Roof, Needham Massachusetts. A quick story of the Kharkov’s Drobitsky Yar and the events that transpired there.

DrobitskyYarSmallLogo  Planting trees at the Drobitsky Yar. First batch of the meta-sequoias was planted at the killing sites 1-4. To watch the short movie about our work at the killing sites, click the image MovieImage

Seal of Newton   First Annual Fundraising Event in Newton Massachusetts with Greg Dawson, author of the “Hiding in the Spotlight” as a guest speaker. To watch the short movie created for the event, click the image MovieImage