Peschanaya Gora (Песчаная Гора) – Sand Mountain, was a nickname for a place on the outskirts of Kremenchug on the eastern bank of the Dnepr River. Peschanaya Gora is a place where thousands of Jews were shot in the fall of 1941 and in the winter of 1942.

As the city grew, the old name Peschanaya Gora has disappeared. Today this area is a part of a Kremenchug city – a district of Kievskaya Street and Park of Peace. There are apartment buildings, two schools and a junior college.

There are currently two commemorative signs for the victims of these tragic events. One is a small obelisk near the synagogue erected in 2008 and another is a memorial stone along Kievskaya Street, erected in August of 2014 (see the pictures below).



Plans of the local volunteers and the Jewish community of Kremenchug for creation of the Holocaust Memorial Park or Holocaust museum remain just plans due to the lack of money.