Room of Tragedy is the main and the only public display room of the memorial. It was beautifully designed as a silent tribute to victims. Victims names were written on the wall of the room, and a sealing was done as starry sky. Unfortunate the memorial did not have funds to maintain the room and it suffered tremendous damage.
memorial_in_danger_1Memorial in Danger10


Water severely damaged the monument, destroying the sealing and even erased victims names from the walls.


Recent electrical fire (that was the result of the water leaks), damaged the ventilation system beyond repairs and it needs to be completely replaced.


Memorial administration is making best effort for memorial to function. They do not have funds to engrave the victims’ names on the wall. As the researcher identify the names, they are being printed and sheets of paper are being tape to the walls (on the picture on the right).


With your donations we are helping memorial to continue it’s work. Our absolute first priority was to do the works to stop the water leaks.








There is much more work needs to be done, and our help is needed!