Sponsor a TreeLet’s all come together, once again, to commemorate those who lost their lives in Eastern Europe during the Shoah and join us in planting more metasequoia trees this summer with our “Sponsor a Tree” initiative.  Metasequoia trees are amazing redwood trees – they are one of the oldest living species on Earth. Planting metasequoia trees in “blood lands” is as close as we can get to commemorating victims of genocide for eternity- these trees can grow for over a thousand years, can withstand fires, and their story of rebirth has many symbolic parallels to events in Jewish history. Sponsor a memorial tree at Drobitsky Yar and grow something beautiful out of the soil where 16,000 people, mostly Jews, were killed. Help us commemorate those who perished, and educate future generations about the devastating and everlasting consequences of genocide.  

 Please consider donating to this cause; a contribution of any amount goes a long way.